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Texas Deer Hunting


Texas Deer Hunting


Texas Deer Hunting


Our Texas deer hunting is outstanding.  You will be hunting trophy whitetail bucks in terrain that includes dense mesquite thickets, creek bottoms, deep rugged canyons, crop fields, and food plots.  You and your guide will have exclusive access to several thousand acres of unpressured trophy buck country in Haskell or Throckmorton County.  The rut normally runs from mid-November through mid-December.

We had good winter and spring rainfall so our habitat is in excellent shape.  Our deer herd has benefited tremendously from this rainfall and our bucks should have the nutrition necessary to produce very good racks.

We have implemented a strict game management program that includes year-round feeding, food plots, and strict harvest standards.  Tower blinds, ground, and tripod stands are placed in strategic positions and some of our hunts will involve glassing and stalking canyons and mesquite thickets.  Bow hunting will be primarily from ground blinds or tripods near mesquite thickets or natural funnels near food plots.

Lodging, meals, a guide, care of game, and ranch transportation are included.

Archery season: September 27-October 31, 2008

General season: November 1, 2008-January 4, 2009


Premier Trophy Whitetail Hunt Clark Ranch (Stephens/ Shackleford County)


Premier Trophy Whitetail Hunt Pardue Ranch (Haskell County)


Whitetail Deer stand Hunt ( Haskell County)


Whitetail Management Hunt - (3 days)

$   995

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