"My Texas Spring Turkey Double and the Rainbow."

There was a little more goin' with this pic than Clayton realized.


This is the end of a story I've yet to write down about my hunt Tuesday. The story will be called, "My Texas spring turkey double and the Rainbow."


I'm full of gratitude already for an amazing day, now this... I step out of the old, dilapidated calf catch pen and chute shed thing that still has a roof that I've been standing under to keep less wet waiting for my ride and what do I get to witness? I have to look up like looking at an airplane flying by overhead to even take in the whole thing. There's no way to take a picture of this sign that symbolizes a promise long ago. It is too big.



The rainbow now extends from the ground west all the way to the ground east.


Immediately, unexpectedly my eyes flood and the overflow rolls down my cheeks as I look up at this amazing sight. It's like it is right above me and I'm at the center of the arch. It seems like it is there just for me.


"Wow, with all I've already experienced today and now this too! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude."


By the time my "guide" arrives to pick me up I look back and up again, but the full rainbow is gone from the north Texas sky.


"Yep, that was between me and You."


I have Clayton quickly take a picture of the western portion over my shoulder with my gear on and two wet Texas Rio Grande long-beards in my vest.


You can get a sense of what I saw if you can imagine as you look at just the portion in the picture what the whole thing must have looked like.

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